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Aviilokín K'shi At the age of sixteen Aviilokín K'shi had a kundalini awakening, which is a primal, cosmic, evolutionary power located at the base of the spine. When awoken, it nourishes a person's evolutionary potential. He attained a humble degree of mediumship; in his contact with "the other side" he was told that meditation is a developed facet of his soul, and that he should give in to it. He was given methods of meditation, which ultimately allowed him to reintegrate some of the mystical cultivation of his previous lifetimes; including that of the Taoist path. He feels the essence of Taoism is the most relevant gift he wishes to pass on to others, because its emphasis lies so strongly on transcending dogma and human bias, becoming one with something universal in a very free and individualistic way. He greatly emphasizes that he does not seek spiritual status, nor any form of sectarian authority over the lives of others. He foremost likes to express the Taoist mystical state of being in poetically written fiction. Please read: I'm a Humble Poet, Not a Guru.
Aviilokín K'shi does not offer services of mediumship; his effort in life emphasizes the Taoist ability of entering into transcendental communion with the principles of nature. In this way he hopes to nourish a very independent form of spirituality that does not rely upon religion, sects, gurus, or indeed upon himself.
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